Tuesday, March 31, 2015

DIY Pinata

My girl turned 10 this month!

My kids love pinata! So when ever there is a birthday they have to have one.
Well me on the other hand hate to spend $20 for an empty decorated box which they are going to hit and break in 10 mins.

Whats the solution then? Well, I had to DIY one of course.
I was actually meaning to do this post about two years ago. But as always I get too excited when I am doing a project and forget to take enough photos for a post.
This time too, I forgot a final picture :(

Well gotta do with what I have in hand. That should give you the overall idea.

Here we go.

Supplies needed:

Dollar store gift bags. I had one in hand already - $0

Tissue paper. I used scraps from my paper pompoms :)

Any cardboard

I don't know what these paper rolls are called but you can find them at the Dollar store. They are 2 for $1!

Any craft glue

Scissors of course ;)

Candy of your choice

 Process :

Cut the cardboard pieces to size so that fit the bottom and the sides of the bag

Set them inside

Fold and cut your paper roll like this. then open the fold

and glue them in place

Keep building layers from bottom to top

Once done, fill in the candies and shredded tissue

Staple the top to close and hang with the handle of the bag to your desired height :D

As usual I forgot to take a close up pic of my finished product but here is one I found.

Can you spot the pinata?

Total cost of the pinata less than $2
Happy kiddo happy me :D


Saturday, January 17, 2015

Easy piesy chicken recipe

So I forgot to marinate the chicken last night and it's almost lunch time.

I don't feel like cooking anyway :(

What to do... What to do...

Let's pour some ketchup, soy sauce, honey, garlic and hot sauce on the chicken :D

That was my bright idea! And my o my was it a delicious one ;)

Here is the detailed recipe for you all.

Ingredients :
Four chicken thighs 
2Tbsp soy sauce 
3-4 garlic cloves minced 
1 small onion minced 
2Tbsp hot sauce (adjust according to taste)
1/4 cup ketchup 
1/8 cup honey
1tsp Italian seasoning 

Instructions :
Mix everything with chicken.
In a cast iron Dutch oven fry the chicken 4 min each side but don't put the sauce in yet.
Once nice golden colour, pour the marinate on the chicken and cook covered in low heat for an hour.
After an hour, check the chicken and cook another 20 min covered at medium heat.

If you prefer thicker gravy, mix a tsp of corn flour with little water and pour in.
Enjoy your easy-piesy yummy chicken!

Monday, August 25, 2014

DIY Tufted Headboard under $40

Remember my DIY Headboard?

I'll be honest, when I made that headboard, I wasn't 100% satisfied. I didn't like the fabric a lot [not for my bedroom, that is], I wanted to tuft it but had no clue how and I also wasn't brave enough to set it to a height I wanted it to be at.

So almost after 2 years, I finally updated the headboard with everything I wanted.

I decided I would reuse the old headboard so I took the old cover out. It was a breeze and I reused it for the purpose it was intended to be at the first place.

On My Dining Table!

Then I measured and marked the back of my headboard for where I want to tuft and drilled some holes with my trusted drill :)
The spacing I used was 7.5" by 8.5" for my 5'X2.5' headboard.

Just a heads up, trying to drill the board from the front with your batting still on will break your drill bits [lesson learnt the hard way].

Making the buttons for tufting wasn't that bad once I got the hold of it.

For my supplies I went to Fabricland and got myself some tufting buttons, some strong thread and the longest needle I could find there. Instead of using upholstery grade threads I used craft and button grade and it was still strong enough for all the pull and stretch.

Thread and Needle

Tufting Buttons

I also got my fabric from there. I used good ol' canvas this time and am so glad I did! I looks so sophisticated and chic!

I used the same process I used before and stapled the fabric to the board.

Following the instructions on the package, me and hubby darling tried finishing the buttons for tufting. But we had a really hard time as our fabric was very thick. So instead of using their hilarious blue pusher thingy, we used pliers to push the back down.

Once we had everything ready to go, I took out the needle and started the tufting process.

I inserted the needle through the holes I made earlier at the back, hubby got the tufting button in and sent it right back to me :)

Make sure you have a lot of thread at the back for tieing and pulling. I re-threaded my needle with long sections for each button.

We used all the old buttons lying around the house [and on hubbys shirts] to tie the tufts from the back. Got this tip from another blog, can't remember where but will link it as soon as I do.

And here is the end result

DIY Tufted Headboard 

Something tells me, I forgot to iron the canvas this time...arghhhhh...hate to remove everything and start again :(

Will do so in time, but for now, this'll work :D
[update: you can steam the fabric to get rid of the creases too]

The total cost of this headboard for me was $38

Here is the breakdown:

Fabric 2 yard @ $12/yard - $24
Needle $2
Thread $2
Button kit pack $2.5
Buttons 3 pack of 5 buttons each @ $2.5 each - $7.5

Already had the staple gun, drill and screws and reused the board, foam and padding from my old headboard.

When I'll open the cover to fix the creases [if I do], I may add some more batting for that fluffy feeling. I may also add more tufts between the current ones if I feel like. hmm...that's a lot of planning :/