Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pantry Organizing & Labeling

I love things organized.
Chaos makes me feel disturbed.
So I decided to label every jar in my pantry, the 'chalkboard style'.
So I decided to make some & got to work.

You'll need: 

Black Contact Paper [you can find it on Amazon]

Your Choice of Paper Punch [I got mine from Michaels]

Scrapper [Dollar Store]

Instead of chalk, I used correction pen for a lasting label [Dollar Store]

And a Jar. You can use any glass jar. I usually reuse almost any jar starting from pasta sauce jars to jam jars.Oh and of course, mason jars are a beauty.

First you need to remove the manufacturers label from the glass jar using the scraper. But be very careful or you may cut yourself [I did, thrice]. 
Cut out your contact paper with the punch [or you can use your own pattern and cut with scissors as desired].

use the correction pen to write whatever :D

And stick it to your jar.

This is how my spice rack looks like.

and this is a portion of my pantry.

Easy and quick and pretty! 
Happy labeling.

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