Sunday, August 11, 2013

DIY Headboard in six easy steps

DIY Headboard in six easy steps

Materials needed:

1. Any particle board cut into one 5'x2.5' and two 0.5'x3' pieces - mine was OSB 7/16 4x8 Oriented Strand Board from Home Depot cut into desired sizes in store. costs $11.25.
2. Memory foam mattress topper as a base - this is the cheapest option for this project. You can use a twin size mattress topper for a queen size headboard costs around $15 but guess what? I got lucky and found one at the local thrift shop for 4.99!
3. Batting - costs around $12 and you can find them in your local upholstery shops.
4. Fabric of your choice - I found mine at HomeSense. It was a cotton ... wait for it... table cloth(!) by Ralph Lauren for $20.
5. Staple gun - Already in hand
6. Drill - Already in hand
7. Screws - choose the size depending on the width of your lumber.

Total cost - less than $50!


1. Iron your fabric so there are no more cresses.
2. Lay the foam on a flat surface and place the 5'x2.5' board on top. stretch the foam to back and secure in place with the help of staple gun.
3. Repeat with the batting and fabric. Remember to start them from the centre working towards the outer corners and cut off the excess as you work with it.
4.  Once everything is in place, take your 0.5'x3' pieces and put them in place with screws. The height depends on the height of your bed so measure you bed height first, then measure your bed height and then measure your bed height.
5. Put your soft-goodlooking upholstered headboard in place
6. Enjoy!

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