Thursday, January 16, 2014

A Lesson

The things I did today...

Well, to begin with, I woke up and send the kids to school, drank my tea and went to my workplace to pick up some 'open house' signs.

Then because I was feeling Low, I went shopping :D

Then my friend called and asked if I could meet for lunch. Well, when you are low and your friends ask you to join, what do you do? You say ' Heck yea!'

Then after lunch I picked up the kids and painted my kitchen cabinets. They were looking Ugly and Dirty. So I painted them white, my favorite color in whole wide world.

Then I fixed a hole in the wall my hubby darling made when he fell from the stairs few days back [ouch].

Both the kitchen cabinets and the wall are in the process of drying as I write this post.

So... it was pretty fun.

Then my hubby darling showed my this video.

That is when I realized, how blessed I am. Al hamdulillah.

I had a good day today.

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