Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Basement Haul - The Big Reveal

Remember how my basement looked? For a quick refresh check my previous post on the 'before' pictures.
So after the contractor finished the wall and ceiling [with spot lights :D], me and my hubby darling got to work. For the flooring, after considering all the options available in the market, we went for 12mm Laminate with pre-attached pad. Because we don't have any pets we didn't have to worry about getting it scratched. But with two 'Jungle' kids in the house, we needed something sturdy, thus the 12mm.

For the color and finish, we choose the 'weathered' look matching our wall color.
And.... we installed the flooring ourselves, in two days. [still patting my back for that :D]

Then we wanted to do the built-in, inspired by "just a girl".

So, we headed to ikea to get four Billy bookcases, just to find out the total width is 2" wider that our space! I'll write all about that another day.

Finally, we managed to finish the built-in and installed baseboard all around it to complete the look.

Did all the trims [still need to do the caulking and painting, lazy busy me!].

Got my ikea karlstad in sivik gray [need to do something about those hideous legs.grrr.]

And here how it is now.

The built-in, still filling in
Got French door for my office. Happy me!
No more 'door-less' closets and rooms.
I'll finish the 'in-progress' tripod lamp, someday, soon...
I promise

There is a lot more to do in there, But for the time being, I think it'll do.

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