Friday, January 10, 2014

Basement Makeover Haul

When we got our place, the basement looked sad, depressing and unfinished.
Well, it had no floors, partially done ceiling which had stains and was falling apart in places.
Here is a glimpse of what it looked like before

During Home Inspection

The 'Listing' Photo

There was a good size recreation room, an office room [with no door what so ever], a laundry room [ no door again] , a huge storage space under the stairs [clever but with no door :P] and a regular size closet [guess what was missing? DOOR!]
The walls were UP but not finished, Half the floor had some kind of vinyl sticker thingy on and the rest was bare concrete [tell you what, not ideal for a country where temperatures go below -30]. 

Well that ain't gonna stop us :D

The second thing we did after the purchase was hire a contractor to do the ceiling, install the office room and laundry room doors, two closet doors and finish the walls. What was first thing we did? 
We changed the 40 year old furnace with a high efficiency one of course :D

I'll post you another update on the basement soon. till then, stay good :D

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