Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Get the slow cooker, pull apart meat in half the time

Yeap, I did it and you can too. Slow cookers apart from being 'working women friendly' is also knows for cooking mouthwatering, pull apart, melt in your mouth meat.

BUT, it's just too much for me to add another gadget to my 'kitchen gadget collection'. So I was googling [;)] how to achieve the same result another way & I found nothing, absolutely nothing.

Then I thought to myself, what makes the meat so juicy, so tender, so .... Yummy? 

I thought and I thought and I thought.....until I figured it out and went running to my kitchen literally screaming "EUREKA", in my head and in full cloths if course.

Took my cast iron Dutch oven [oh!cant even describe how much I live this baby].

Heat to medium high and seared the meat.  Added all the ingredients as you would in the recipe you choose. Make sure there is some liquids, cover the super heavy lively lid. And put the heat down to simmer. I cooked my chicken for 1 hour in simmer and it was just amazing. Totally amazing. I believe I'll take about 90 to 120 minutes to cook beef depending on the type if meat. 

So now, off you go go go and get cooking.

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