Thursday, January 9, 2014

Lets make a Bar Table!

I got so inspired by Ana White I just assumed I can make anything just like her :D
But deep inside I knew, I wasn't nearly as good as her :(

So when we needed a bar table of definite length and height and type and color and way out of our budget, I thought to myself "hey girl! you can do this ;)"

So I came up with this super easy plan.

I went to HomeDepot and got the followings:

1 pc 1x10x12' [for the top]
1 pc 1x8x20' [for legs]
1 pc 1x1x10' [for support and joints]

I asked an associate to cut them to sizes:
A.  2 X 1x10x6'
B. 4 X 1x8x4'
C. 2X 1x1x1'
and D. 1X 1x1x5.5'

C & D

First I aligned and joined two "B" with a "C" with 2.5" wood screws for the legs.
Then I aligned the two "A" together and attached the legs with wood 2.5" wood screws. 
I left around 1.5" space from the ends of the top for the legs.
Then I screwed in the support bar "D".

flipped it over, sanded the whole thing, filled in small gaps and holes with wood filler, let it dry, sanded again, wiped it off with a wet cloth, stained the top with This Minwax Dark Walnut stain and painted the legs and the support with white paint I had in hand.

Next day, when the stain dried, I coated the top with this stuff called Plyurethane :/ which actually smelled Terrible and the smell stayed almost for three days :/

Well, that was it though. After the Polyurethane dried, completely, I had my own Bar Table just the way I like it.

And last but not the least, thanks to my friend Samiya for the suggestion on the finishing :D
Love you for that.

So there you [I mean I, ha ha ha] have it folks, the easiest DIY furniture on the whole wide world!


  1. What a beauty, I love clean lines in a piece of furniture!
    Nice work!

    Val @