Thursday, January 9, 2014

DIY Paper Pompom on a Fallen Tree Branch

Last week we had this terrible terrible storm in Ontario. Many trees fell. Sad really sad.
But I jumped [a little] with joy as I was looking for a good looking tree branch for quite a few time now. So once the power was restored [yeap, we didn't have power for more than 6 hourse] and everything was under control, I went outside around 1AM in the morning in freezing cold and wind chill to grab one of those gorgeous babies :D

Why you ask? 

Well for crafting of course!

Here is what I did with the fallen branch

Boy Oh Boy

Well, how did I make the paper pompoms you ask?
Well I took inspiration from here and below is a step by step illustration of the 'do how'.
I used papers came along wrapped around our house warming gifts :P
You can use any kind of paper as long as it's not too heavy.

Paper pompom DIY

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