Wednesday, March 12, 2014

How to Paint Laminate Furniture

I needed two night-stands. Matching pair is not a must but was preferable.

So I was hunting for a very long time. What I liked was way out of my budget and what I got for budget was way out of my taste. You get the idea.

Finally few days ago I found a matching pair in local Value Village. It had nice details, but was a laminate piece :( 

But I loved the drawer pulls and for $3.99 each [yea, you read that right] I was ready to give it a try and girl am I glad that I did!

In my sheer excitement, I forgot to take any 'before' picture [as usual] but i have these snaps taken from my cell phone of how they looked like when they got home.

The drawer pull I fell for

The frame

As you can see, it was brown, some laminate was chipping and it needed a lot of work.
I did some research online on how to paint laminate furniture without much luck except this blog.

The idea is pretty simple though. The key ingredient to have a nice finishing is to use a primer that will adhere to laminated surface and give your paint a good grip.

So I bought the Zinsser 1-2-3 primer and gave it a good coat.

Gave it a light sanding.
Then I used a small foam roller to paint the pieces. I used the leftover paint from my Daughter's room makeover.
Sanded again and used another coat of paint.

So here is the final result

Hubby got the other piece of the pair but my next hunt is to find us a nice pair of lamps :D

I am on that! 


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