Thursday, August 21, 2014

$2.5 DIY jewellery organizer

So I have this HUGE collection of jewelleries which I rarely wore because they were all jam packed in a shoe case like this

also had a Ribba picture frame from ikea with a broken glass.

And I also had a staple gun!

So I was brain storming....

I rushed to the dollar store, got myself some cork boards and a pack of these

And got to work.

I stapled the cork board to the back of my frame and hammered in the pushpins.

And a few minutes later, I ended up with this

The push pins were used to hung the neck pieces.

And I just pushed in the earrings in to the cork board.

I didn't cover the board up with fabric or anything cause I wanted the jewelleries to be the focal point here.

The total cost for this project is $2.5

Here is the break down:

Picture frame - already had
Cork board - $1.5
Push pins - $1
Staple gun - already had in hand

If you don't already have a frame in hand, you can thrift pretty frames at a very low cost.

Now as I can see all my lovelies, hopefully I'll wear them more often.


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