Tuesday, March 31, 2015

DIY Pinata

My girl turned 10 this month!

My kids love pinata! So when ever there is a birthday they have to have one.
Well me on the other hand hate to spend $20 for an empty decorated box which they are going to hit and break in 10 mins.

Whats the solution then? Well, I had to DIY one of course.
I was actually meaning to do this post about two years ago. But as always I get too excited when I am doing a project and forget to take enough photos for a post.
This time too, I forgot a final picture :(

Well gotta do with what I have in hand. That should give you the overall idea.

Here we go.

Supplies needed:

Dollar store gift bags. I had one in hand already - $0

Tissue paper. I used scraps from my paper pompoms :)

Any cardboard

I don't know what these paper rolls are called but you can find them at the Dollar store. They are 2 for $1!

Any craft glue

Scissors of course ;)

Candy of your choice

 Process :

Cut the cardboard pieces to size so that fit the bottom and the sides of the bag

Set them inside

Fold and cut your paper roll like this. then open the fold

and glue them in place

Keep building layers from bottom to top

Once done, fill in the candies and shredded tissue

Staple the top to close and hang with the handle of the bag to your desired height :D

As usual I forgot to take a close up pic of my finished product but here is one I found.

Can you spot the pinata?

Total cost of the pinata less than $2
Happy kiddo happy me :D


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